• Pricing

  • Road bike rental is limited to riders with experience.
    All bikes come complete with a wire lock, lights, bottle cage (drink holder), saddlebag and helmet.
    Puncture kits are loaned free of charge to customers who can fix their own punctures. However, if the spare tube is put to use, the will be an additional fee of JPY864.
    Pedals can be changed if customers bring their own clipless or other types of pedals they normally use.
    In the case of damage caused by a fall or collision, the customer shall be invoiced for repair fees when the bike is returned or at a later date.

  • Then pick up time after 5pm(shop close at 7 pm) and start ride at next day ,no need rental fee of pick up day.
    EX1)Pick up 6th June 5 pm and ride and return at 7th June ,fee is one day.

    EX2)Pick up 6th June 5 pm and return at 8th June ,fee is two days.

  • Hybrid bike

    Hour Dayprice
    No more than 4 hoursJPY2200
    Full day (over 4 hours)JPY3850
    Extended periodJPY2200 per day
  • Road bikes

    Hour Dayprice
    No more than 4 hoursJPY3850
    Full day (over 4 hours)JPY5500
    Extended periodJPY3300 per day
  • E-Bike

    Hour Dayprice
    No more than 4 hoursJPY5500
    Full day (over 4 hours)JPY8800
    Extended periodJPY5500 per day
  • Option

    OptionPrice(Once rental for whole trip)
    Bike Carrying BagJPY330
    Seat Post RackJPY550
    Bike Packing Bag oneJPY1100
    Bike Packing Bag twoJPY1650
    Bike Packing Bag threeJPY2200
    Clipless pedal(SHIMANO SPD type)JPY330
  • Delivery and Drop-off free

    Distance1 bike2 bikes3 bikesmore additional (/bike)
    Within 5 kmJPY550JPY550JPY880JPY330
    Within 10 kmJPY1100JPY1100JPY1650JYP550
    Within 20 kmJPY2200JPY2200JPY3300JYP1100
    Within 40 kmJPY4400JPY4400JPY6600JYP2200
    Within 100 kmJPY8800JPY8800JPY13200JYP4400
  • The fee is for delivery or drop-off, one for each.
    n the case of 2 times of delivery and drop-off, it will be 1.5 times of the above fee.
    If the delivery destination is different from the drop-off destination, the higher price will be combined with the half of lower price.